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Specifiers and Architects - Materials Presentation - Perth

The following excerpt is from the Arup presentation delivered to an appreciative audience of specifiers and architects in Perth recently.....

Understanding Materials - Steel, Aluminium & New Material technologies

In creating the buildings we inhabit, designers, builders and engineers are increasingly taking a more sophisticated approach to their use of materials. 

We now see huge developments in metals, glass & innovations in new technologies in industries such as lighting & electronics as well as manufacturing processes and product design.

By better understanding the form and function of materials and where and when certain materials can/cannot be used, building professionals can:

  1. Ensure buildings are fit and safe to occupy
  2. Expand the boundaries of their designs and offer better outcomes for clients
  3. Minimise ongoing and costly refit and/or maintenance issues

This seminar, to be presented by Arup will consider our most important building materials that occupy 90% of a buildings volume.