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Urban Discovery Walk Designing the Luminous City - Ian Dryden

Melbourne is a different place after dark. Good lighting transforms the city at night, it produces positive changes that enrich people’s experiences and enhance their understanding of the city.

Public lighting plays an important role in Melbourne's bustling Docklands, enhancing the city’s image and delighting tourists. Outdoor lighting shows off Melbourne - Docklands’ distinctive buildings and public spaces.

The City of Melbourne’s Lighting Strategy (2013) consolidates the experience gained from a decade of successful public lighting projects in the city. Its four themes are:

  • Designing the Luminous City: reinforcing perceptions of Melbourne’s physical form
  • Safety and Amenity: improving pedestrian safety and amenity
  • Attracting the Evening Crowd: bringing more activity into Melbourne’s public spaces
  • Designing the Sustainable City: minimising the negative environmental impact of outdoor lighting

This has produced a public realm that is simple and low-key, but also elegant and clearly structured. The strategy emphasises good functional lighting rather than elaborate decorative installations or ostentatious special effects.

Council is also committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions with efficient lighting playing an important role. It has three key management strategies that influence the management of public lighting: City Plan 2010; Sustainable Public Lighting Action Plan 2005-2010 and Zero Net Emissions by 2020.

We invite you to join City of Melbourne’s award winning industrial designer on an illuminating evening walk around Melbourne - Docklands, as he shares transferable expert knowledge and experiences in transforming Melbourne’s night image and identity.

Urban Discovery Walk
Designing the Luminous City


Tour guide: Ian Dryden
Team Leader Industrial Design, City of Melbourne