Insight Lighting is a leading manufacturer of high performance architectural lighting for the energy conscious design market. Designing and manufacturing lighting products in the USA since 1991, they offer a broad range of lighting products for illuminating a variety of architectural applications. This includes white and color changing LED platforms in linear applications to illuminate coves, ceilings, walls and other architectural details. One of Insight’s strengths is in exterior illumination with high output façade lighting. Insight also has specific products for large public spaces such as natatorium lighting solutions and offer various solutions for architectural signage and wayfinding environments. 

Insight Lighting is consistently raising the bar to create unique solutions to today’s most challenging and difficult lighting problems. By offering quality products, exceptional service, and flexibility in design, we work every day to shape your experience of light.  

The Insight Lighting product Range includes the following

The D2 Series from insight

The D2 Series

pilot pcm.jpg
Illusions Light Pipe

Illusions LED - IL6LED

Insight Medley a.jpg

Medley Series

Medley Interior

Insight Medley C.jpg

Medley C

Insight Medley X.jpg

Medley Exterior

Insight Medley Ingrade.jpg

Medley Ingrade