Cariboni Group manufacture a wide range of functional lighting products for the built environment. The Italian range of products is focused on high-quality beautifully designed fittings for outdoor and urban lighting.



The award winning Eklipsis is a beautiful  indirect luminaire for ceiling, surface, recess, bollard and pole installation. A complete indoor and outdoor lighting system available in three different sizes, equipped exclusively with high efficiency, long-lasting LED light sources. The product design and the advanced technology of the reflected light optical systems grant an optimum level of visual comfort. The absence of visible screws as well as the lack of a closure screen guarantee higher safety and mechanical resistance standards.



The Trail is a compact, LED product line for architectural, functional and decorative type lighting. It comes as

  • Ceiling-Recessed
  • Ceiling-Mounted
  • Walk Over Recessed
  • Trail Wall-Recessed
  • Trail Wall-Mounted

It is suitable for lighting facades, under arches, arcades, walkways, indoors and outdoors in both residential and public areas.



The PEYOTE is a line of particularly high performance lighting products, ideal for lighting parks and gardens, halls, facades, and residential areas. The complete absence of screws on the outside makes the product particularly sleek and attractive. There is only an anti-vandalism screw anchor for safety reasons. The bayonet closure system allows the product to be positioned easily and accurately, before being definitively secured. The line includes PEYOTE and PEYOTE POLE. PEYOTE is designed for wall and ground installation. PEYOTE POLE is a bollard.