Hotbeam is pleased to introduce Ambright, a German lighting technology company. Ambright has developed a unique technology for semiconductor-based LED lighting. Ambright “prints” diodes on different materials in custom shapes. This technology offers lighting designers the freedom to visualise, design and integrate light in new ways.


SparkShapes allows you to create functional lighting fixtures according to your vision. You specify the  shape and light placement. This gives you both direct and indirect lighting for function and ambience. You can realize your design up to 4000 x 1500 mm.  Sparkshapes have a super low profile at only 5 mm.

SparkShapes bring lots of light exactly where you need it - with optimum glare control. The power supply can be mounted inconspicuously so that the almost weightless design of the luminaire is retained. The technology guarantees excellent light quality and glare control.

Design freedom includes the position and intensity of the individual light sources - they can be placed on the bottom or top surfaces for direct and indirect lighting. Color temperature and CRI can also be specified.  Edge lighting allows the form of the luminaire to be highlighted.


SparkLeds allows you to integrate lighting into  a wide range of materials. This technology gives you complete design freedom to place light points wherever you please on a surface.

Surfaces can include metal, plastic, cardboard, veneers and laminates. SparkLeds is scalable up to 1.8 x 4 m² (depending on material). SparkLeds are super thin with as little as 0.6 mm mounting height. The mounted LEDs are very low glare.

This patented process allows for high powered LEDs to be integrated into a wide range of carrier materials in a fully automated process.


Made in Germany, this exciting new technology offers freedom of form, scalability and automation in manufacturing processes enabling completely custom lighting solutions.

Freedom of form and design

The technology allows the designer great freedom in shape,  placement of lights, attribute of light output, offering a high level of customization.

With a high brilliance, the small light spots offer high brightness light output. Luminosity and light colour can be selected individually.

The LED’s create technology was designed from the beginning as a mass customization process. For the first time in the lighting sector, the patented process fully exploits the advantages of the industry 4.0 Vision.

Variety of materials
The dots of light can be printed on plastics, veneers, CPL/HPL panels or refined metals in thicknesses from 0.8 to 6 mm. At 0.6 mm, the installation height  is extremely thin.

Scalable formats
With formats up to 7 m², we also produce large-format productions for a great spatial effect.