SparkShapes allows you to create functional lighting fixtures according to your vision.

You specify the  shape and light placement. This gives you both direct and indirect lighting for function and ambience… and you can also light the edge of your form allowing for some amazing visual effect. You can realize your design up to 4000 x 1500 mm.  Sparkshapes have a super low profile at only 5 mm.

SparkShapes bring lots of light exactly where you need it - with optimum glare control. The power supply can be mounted inconspicuously so that the almost weightless design of the luminaire is retained. The technology guarantees excellent light quality and glare control.

Design freedom includes the position and intensity of the individual light sources - they can be placed on the bottom or top surfaces for direct and indirect lighting. Color temperature and CRI can also be specified.  Edge lighting for part or all of the luminaire can be specified allowing the form of the SparkShape to be highlighted.

We work with you to specify the lighting and electronic requirements of your fitting. You supply a pdf or eps with the shape required. We produce your custom fitting with all fixtures required to install it.