Hotbeam is pleased to introduce Ambright, a German lighting technology company. Ambright has developed a unique technology for semiconductor-based LED lighting. Ambright “prints” diodes on different materials in custom shapes. This technology offers lighting designers the freedom to visualise, design and integrate light in new ways. The two applications of this technology are Sparkshapes and SparkLeds.


SparkShapes allows you to create functional lighting fixtures according to your vision. You specify the  shape and light placement. CRI can also be specified.  Edge lighting allows the form of the luminaire to be highlighted. Final fittings are produced and supplied with all requirements for installing your installation.

Applications: Feature Lighting, Foyer lighting, Light fittings, Shopfitting, Joinery, Downlights, Pendant


SparkLeds allows you to integrate light into  a wide range of materials. This technology gives you complete design freedom to place light points wherever you please on a thin surface. Light can be integrated with printed surfaces.

Applications: Wallpaper, Surface decoration, Point of sale materials, Infographics, Wayfinding, Shopfitting


Made in Germany, this exciting new technology offers freedom of form, scalability and automation in manufacturing processes enabling completely custom lighting solutions.