About Hotbeam

Hotbeam® is a pioneer in providing environmentally sustainable LED lighting in Australia. We have been providing LED solutions to the commercial and residential markets since 2003. Our range of energy efficient lighting products combine high performance LEDs, effective thermal management and efficient electronic design. Hotbeam® also provides custom LED development to fit individual project requirements. Extensive experience ensures that Hotbeam® provides comprehensive and specialized LED lighting support and expertise.

LED Linear

Hotbeam® has been a supporter of the LED Linear brand since LED Linear's inception back in 2007.  We have worked with them in bringing their fully encapsulated IP67 range to the Australian market with great success. Their Red Dot award winning VarioLED Flex Venus dot-free flexible LED luminaire proved a huge hit on our shores as well as everywhere around the world. 

The Hotbeam® LED Linearrange from Germany represents a range of linear LED products with an exceptional level of design, quality and performance.  We will continue to play an integral part in the marketing and distribution of the LED Linear range here in Australia.


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